About Us

How do you help a small business

without breaking your own budget?

In 2016 I decided to create a place where people like me, those crazy enough to think we can run our own business, would have a platform to tell people about their business – without it costing them.

I decided to use two skills that cost me time, website development and marketing, to help other people shout about what they do.

Some days it works. Other days it doesn’t.

Whenever I am asked what I would do if I didn’t have to make a living, I always answer “Help small businesses get online.”

I genuinely believe that many small business owners do not understand the power of the internet. They don’t understand how what they say and do online can win them or lose them a customer without ever knowing that potential customer even existed.

I can’t afford to create free websites, yet, but I can offer this platform for you to use to market your business.

Our Ramblings

When the brain works faster than the keyboard

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